Learn How I Used My DSLR As Webcam Streaming Software

Learn How I Used My DSLR As Webcam Streaming Software


Tutorial: Use Canon DSLR as Webcam Streaming for Free

Here’s a tutorial on how to use a DSLR for webcam purposes with Google Plus, Skype and other software applications. Just recently, I looked into using a digital camera for Google Hangout’s, and the intention to replace my built-in webcam with one that could shoot in better quality. Haven’t you heard of the DSLR as Webcam feature?

I originally got the idea to experiment with this concept when I saw an ad on Google plus. People were sharing video footage from a DSLR canon during a Google Hangout. I figured that I could find a quick tutorial that was detailed enough to understand. After a small deal of research, I couldn’t find that one tutorial that’s simple and gets the results quickly. As that frustration settled, I sparked some motivation to put together one just for you. Let the digging stop. And Let’s get started.

DISCLAIMER: Open the tab up before each step to see a Screenshot that will describe everything needed. This will make the tutorial easier to follow.

First you’ll need two different software’s to convert a DSLR for Webcam compatibility:

1. Canon EOS Utility – tethers your Camera Live View into a live display onto your desktop. This software is normally found on the CD that comes with your DSLR. Start installing this software if you need to. If not move on to the next step.

2. ManyCam – It’s free and creates a live Stream to applications. Visit the link to start installing this software. Once you have installed it, move on to the next step.

First Plug in the DSLR’s USB cable into your computer. Shortly after plug the USB cable into your DSLR camera, which is located on the left hand side of the display screen.

The first program we will be using is the EOS Utility software that you installed earlier. When you have both the Computer and Camera connected to the USB Cable the EOS Utility Software will start up. This will bring you to Step 4.

Now that EOS is installed and running, you can make your DLSR as Webcam Ready as possible. As seen in the screenshot above, Click on the selection that says Camera Setting/Remote Shooting to get started. This will bring you to step 5.

This will open a window that displays some options for your DSLR. As seen in the screenshot above, Click on the button that says “Live View Shoot …” to start the live streaming process. Leave this program open.

The second program that we will be using is ManyCam that you installed earlier. Open up ManyCam now. This will bring you to step 6.

Being that ManyCam is installed and Running as seen in the screenshot above, click the tab “Sources” and click the button “Desktop”.

Immediately after clicking those two items, stay on that page. Look for the icon that says “Custom Capture Desktop Area”, located under the Live Studio Mode. This will bring you to step 7.

Once you have found the “Capture Custom Desktop Area” click it. As seen in the screenshot above a gray-scale box will show up on your desktop. Use this gray box to expand over the EOS Utility Live View that is streaming already.

Your goal is to cover up the EOS Utility Live View box with the gray box.  When done customizing what ManyCam captures, click “ok”.

It’s important to align your open applications on the desktop properly, preventing  your live view to be covered up with unnecessary windows.

Now continue into the available software (Google Hangout, Skype etc.) that you plan on using to stream with. This will bring you to step 8.

Now visit your Google plus account (or other webcam software) and start a hangout. As seen in the screenshot above, leave both programs open.  This will bring you to Step 9.

Your DSLR webcam feature is here. Simply change your settings to the ManyCam virtual webcam and the addition audio settings that are needed during a Google Plus Hangout. This will bring you to Step 10.

Getting the chance to use a DSLR as webcam streaming software came with some great benefits. If you are having any issues with getting your DSLR as webcam feature to work let me know in the comments area and I will be more than happy to help.

RevoNation, I thank you for your continuing service as a Revo Friend at this Art Resource.

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11 Response Comments

  • Unfortunately, this solution is only acceptable for home “playing”, but you can’t use it for chatting or streaming due to white focusing rectangle on the video…

    • Vincent Paul

      As you make a point, It’s mostly used during someone’s home setup. The white focusing rectangle on the video is actually your Lens trying to autofocus in the liveview mode and you can disable that by pressing the switch on your lens from AF to MF. When I first tried it, I had the same issue and found that to solve it right away! I also found the DSLR very useful for chatting and streaming on Skype, and other platforms!

  • Also, some DSLRs are not to be used in Live View mode for more than a few minutes (such as my Nikon D7000).

  • This has been an amazing resource, thank you so much for posting this method. I am however finding it difficult to remove the grey filter from the ManyCam custom capture screen. Any help?

    • Vincent Paul

      Could you describe the “grey filter” for me? If your talking about the watermark that is on the bottom corner of the capture screen just go to effects > text over video > (UnCheck the box) show Manycam Logo

  • Maybe I’m missing a step somewhere? It says above that once I’ve adjusted my capture settings in ManyCam to click “ok”. Where is this mysterious “ok”?

    Well, so its the grey box that I expanded over the video to custom capture. I’m wondering if there is a way to adjust its opacity so that it wont have a grey filter affect on the video.

    • Vincent Paul

      Hello, Chelsey

      The Gray box that you put over your video will have a “ok” button in the right corner of it. This will be displaying the gray box until you hit that button, after clicking that button it will than enable it to view the capture box you were desiring. Remember to expand the custom capture over your dslr live view completely.

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  • its not working i cant pick my camera on eos utility or type it in? :(

  • i am having problem with the audio. I want to use it for live broadcasting but i am having feedback problem. Can i use the audio from the camera or i need to insert another external audio device
    to the software?

    • Vincent Paul

      You’ll have to use the audio from your computer or a software such as audacity! I hope this helps!

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