Flickr Updates Leading to Complaints from Old Time Users

Flickr Updates Leading to Complaints from Old Time Users


User’s are posting all over online forums with mix feelings about this new look that Yahoo has given Flickr.

Just recently, Yahoo updated the Design and look of the well – known Photo sharing/hosting service Flickr. As most knew that Flickr was in great need of an update, they didn’t expect something like this. Since many other social media platforms have been “stepping it up”, such as Google plus changing their appearance completely it was now or never to get a Flickr update.  It looks like they took the wrong turn and might have made things worse for themselves.

Some folks have been saying that “Obviously It looks like they launched it way to early and by rushing the release it ruins the experience.” As these are some valid points, it seems that by changing to the new design it might prevent others to come back to use this social media platform.

From overnight, many users of Flickr started sharing how they felt about the upgrade on sites like Twitter, Google Plus and online forums. Here is a screenshot of one post that was found on the Flickr Forums itself. (Panic & Pressure took over the off topic forums)


Here’s some of their responses to this topic posted earlier:

[pullquote]It’s more fundamental than a “Few bugs”, try reading the 10680 complaints[/pullquote]

While reading through the amount of people that have been talking about this on forums, twitter and other social media platforms we found more. Can you believe the negative affect and comments that Flickr has been getting from this action?

There’s been a huge amount of heat coming down on those who have moved forward with this release. (Those poor graphic designers, it’s not all your fault)

[pullquote]well I for one am not going to carry on paying for a site i can’t even use anymore … I can’t view my photostream, can’t add any photos to groups and can’t see the photos i try to upload[/pullquote]

These comments and post replies on threads are resulting in others stating that they are leaving flickr for good. One of the bright things that came along with this new design was the benefit of an increase in free storage space of 1TB.

Flickr Compares Professional Photographers to People Who take Social Media Pictures

On a side note, I’ve seen some things that Flickr have been stating that have been offending many photographers. (Warning little Rant is coming) While releasing this new design they were announcing that there’s no such thing as a Professional Photographer anymore. Stating that the digital world has so much photographers these days that it has put a limit to the real professionals out there.

They have implied that photographers are common to come across and a job of a professional photographer has been compromised. This isn’t true, even though the world has a larger amount of people taking photos it doesn’t mean that the world has photographers. There’s a huge difference between people that take snapshots and people who create art.

Lets go back to the meaning of photography in the first place. Photography is art and the concept of capturing a moment in time. Now, lets talk about the meaning of being a professional. A professional is someone who earns monetary gains through his or her profession. They are known for being experts and having  specialized knowledge in that field. There’s a reason why some photographers aren’t professionals and theirs a reason why some photographers are.

The offense comes in when you mention the fact that photographers who share their passion and tell a story through their art are compared to those people who just take snapshots. In other terms, it’s similar to putting a professional photographer at the level of someone who uses Instagram.

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8 Response Comments

  • I PERSONALLY LOVE THE NEW LAYOUT AND LOOK. IT’S CLEAN AND FRESH, WHICH WERE BOTH NEEDED. IF people don’t like it, they can leave. I am enjoying a new look. I don’t appreciate the company trying to mix social media pictures with photographer’s images, but they already released an apology. In the end, it will be good for flickr. The recent advertising is good too.

    • Vincent Paul

      I completely agree with you! It was really time for Flickr to get an update. I know of many websites that have been updating their own sites to appeal to a larger group of people lately. It diffidently got people talking about flickr more, which could get that “word of mouth” marketing working well for them.

  • This is a wonderful article, Vincent. It is well-written and informative. You raise a great point that not all people who take photos are professional. It takes a very unique talent to be able to capture amazing photos. Professional photographers understand what things like depth of field, aperture, lighting, composition of photo and shutter speeds are…pros also shoot using advanced camera/lenses and incorporate artistic flair in capturing beautiful photos. great blog post!

    • Vincent Paul

      Oh thank you so much for taking time to comment! I have to say not everyone has that “unique talent” of taking good photos, and there’s just so much that goes into taking a good shot. That’s what some people forget about when they just start taking those snapshots, instead of creating art.

  • Thanks for bringing this to my attention. I think what a lot of people are missing as that Flickr needed an update. The web is changing and the site needed tweaks. There will be bugs, and they will be fixed. How often does Facebook change their layout? It’s annoying for a few days or maybe a few weeks but you get used to it. That’s what it’ll come down to.

    • Vincent Paul

      As you make a very clear point, Flickr needed an update I still feel that it came to soon. They needed to take a little more time with developing it so that it wouldn’t have as much issues that it’s having. Flickr was known for running so smooth through such a large amount of photos and now it just seems to choke.

  • the new design is so horribly bugged and flawed with the useless and outdated infinite scrolling and ghastly bandwith crunching justified view foisted on every user. i pay for my use of flickr and in 2013 i would have thought customisation is the way to a customers heart.

    the ‘take it or leave it’ reaction from yahoo is really very 19th century and that sums up this out of control web behemoth quite well.

    • Vincent Paul

      Exactly the point, Yahoo must have thought that something like those would go over well “enough” but what it comes down to is the simple fact that “enough” isn’t “good”. Not only as a user but as a costumer you must feel that they quickly through this design and theme together without much of an idea.

      I feel they felt that it was time for a change but didn’t know how to go about it.

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